Erosion Control & Site Prep



We typically carry 5′ posts. Other sizes available upon request.

Safety Fence

Our safety fence is very heavy duty with a non-sharp safety edge along the top and bottom.  The extra tuff square mesh design can withstand high winds and extreme cold winter conditions without tearing.  Available in 4’x100′ rolls.

Silt Fence

We keep a regular stock of commercial grade 36″ x 100′ silt fence as well as PennDOT grade and Super Silt Fence kits.

Hardwood Stakes

hardwood stakes

Our regular stock of hardwood stakes are available in 2″ x 2″ x 48″ (nominal), 2″ x 2″ x 36″ (actual) and 2″ x 2″ x 48″ (actual) with other sizes available upon request.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx

We carry Filtrexx brand compost filter sock in multiple sizes.  Empty mesh rucks are available from 8″ -32″ and prefilled palletized “Green” SiltSoxx is availble from 8″ – 24″.

Erosion Control Blanket

erosion control blanket

We stock a variety of erosion control blankets. We carry straw, coconut, and a 70/30 straw/coconut blend. All rolls come with either photodegradable or all natural biodegradable netting.  If you need ground fabric staples, we carry standard 11 gauge and heavy 8 gauge staples. We stock rolls of jute mesh as well.

Liner Material

pit liner

HDPE liner material available in large parent rolls or pre-fabricated sizes. Both smooth and textured are available in varying mil thicknesses. We currently stock 40 mil textured parent rolls.


filter fabric non wovengeotextile woven

Premium grade woven and nonwoven geotextile fabrics are available.

Rock Shield


TUFF-N-NUFF is an 11 mm thick PVC strand extruded pad with excellent compression and impact strength. Flexible pads or rolls can easily be installed keeping labor costs minimal. TUFF-N-NUFF is easily transported because pads and rolls are lightweight and come in convenient sizes.



We have specialized sizes of containment. From a small dual drum pool up to a 8′ x 10′ and a few sizes in between. Perfect for placement under portable generators, light towers, and countless other pieces of equipment.