Pipe Fittings

Pipe Nipple


We stock an assortment of pipe nipples in various lengths and diameters.


elbowWe stock standard size threaded elbows with various pressure ratings. Typically we carry 45 and 90 degree elbows, and 90 degree street elbows.


threaded pipe teeWe have standard size tees in a variety of schedule ratings.


threaded pipe coupling We typically carry standard size couplings in the same variety of schedule ratings.

Caps & Plugs

threaded pipe capthreaded pipe plugNeed to close off the end of a line? We carry standard size caps and a large selection of plugs.

Bushings & Reducers

bushingthreaded pipe reducerWe have in stock an assortment of bushings as well as a variety of reducers. Our knowledgable staff is always ready to help you get what you need by resourcefully recommending a few items to get your project done.

Swage Nipple

swage nippleWe have a variety of swage nipples in stock. We can customer order specifically requested sizes.

Hammer Unions

hammer unionWe stock many sizes and figures of hammer unions, from the low pressure fig. 100 up to the fig. 1502, and we typically carry from 1″ up to 8″ unions.