Pipe Wrench

Pipe Wrench Parts We carry Ridgid pipe wrenches in both steel and aluminum from 12″ up to 60″ as well as replacement parts including nuts, jaws, and heels.

 Adjustable Wrench

adjustable wrenchWe stock an assortment of Ridgid adjustable wrenches from 8″ up to 18″. Other sizes available upon request.

Jumbo Open End Wrench

jumbo open end wrenchWe have assorted sizes of individual jumbo open end wrenches, as well as full sets shown here.

Striking Wrench

striking wrenchWe have a huge selection of striking wrenches both straight and offset styles.

Socket Sets

socketsocket2We stock individual and full sets of sockets. Need a particular size that is not in stock?  Let us know and we will get it for you.

Pliers & Vice Grips

channel lock plierWe have a handful of ChannelLock brand pliers and cutters. We also stock sets of vice grips in different styles and sizes.


sledge hammerbrass hammerWe have a wide variety of hammers. We stock Wilton unbreakable sledge hammers in an assortment of handle lengths and weight, along with claw hammers, rubber mallets, and brass hammers as well.

 Bolt Extractor

bolt extractor kitBy popular demand, we stock bolt extractor kits. We have a large kit (shown here) and a smaller, more economical kit. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to have it available when you need it.


measuring wheelmeasuring tapeWe always have 100′ and 300′ tape measures as well as the portable contractor sizes in 12′ up to 30′. We also stock measuring wheels.


Ridgid Bench Yoke ViseRidgid Bench Chain ViseWe stock two vice styles from Ridgid, the bench chain style and the yoke style.

 Pipe Stand

ridgid pipe standWe stock two sizes of Ridgid pipe stand, the VJ-99 and the VJ-98.

Pipe Cutter

Ridgid 42A 4 Wheel Pipe CutterRidgid 1A Pipe CutterWe have two styles of Ridgid pipe cutters,  the four wheel model 42A and the single wheel model 1A.

Pipe Threading

ridgid die headWe have items for threading pipe. Typically we stock a few sizes of die heads and a variety of threaders all made by Ridgid.

Oiler System

ridgid oilerThis is the Rigid oiler system. You can purchase the kit or individual items as needed.

Tubing Bender

Ridgid 600 Series BenderWe stock the Ridgid 600 series tubing bender along with 20′ lengths of tubing.